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Happy spring equinox message with Lady Venus and Sanat Kumara

Happy Spring Equinox beloved ones! I am Lady Venus and I bring the blessings of the full moon with the essence of spring and new life. With my twin flame Sanat Kumara we open upon the Earth a new portal of light that will anchor Cosmic light to be appreciated by everyone that is aligned with higher realms of existence and its serving a higher purpose upon the Earth. You my beloveds are deserving this blessing. Feel in this words the powerful energies we are bringing to you. Join us in this new opening and invite Spring to flourish within your heart. 

We celebrate this new cycle with so much appreciation and excitement for all that is to come. We raise our harms to All That is in appreciation! Beloveds raise also your harms! Celebrate all that you have become, honoring who you are. May the flowers of springs enlighten your way, to a path fulfilled with Christie Golden light were in this present moment you can achieve with success your intentions and be bold with your requests to the universe. Allow to open your heart to possibilities and write a new future. Join with your Guides and make a statement of intentions for this new season and enjoy the enfolding of it in all its light and beauty. You are beyond loved, Lady Venus and Sanat Kumara 

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