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Ascension experience - embodying the Divine

Since Tuesday night, while cooking dinner for family, I felt a little nauseous and my higher self spoke - take a seat! - I seated at the kitchen chair and a powerful energy descended over my being, I went into meditative state immediately, receiving and being present while at the same time my highest self could tell me if I needed to turn of the heat or put the table 😂 It was like I was present but at the same time at a higher state of consciousness, this state continue until going to bed and fell asleep. In the next morning I felt strange, not in me or like something wasn’t finished and I took breakfast and start doing regular things, after awhile I had a rush to take a card and the message was that I was distracted and missing an opportunity to experiencing magic. I pulled my notebook and wrote a question - what do i need to know? This is a way I can connect easier to my stream of consciousness and the answer was: “You are integrating your own soul, the Higher levels of your being. Be centered on yourself. Nothing matters now but you. Take a bath Feel the new arriving Allow the possibilities to unfold Embrace the abundance and the mystery”

I prepared a bubble bath with Himalayan salt and immersed myself allowing the energy entering deeply into my body and welcoming the higher levels of my being to be integrated. I felt like I was rebirthing, so I actually couldn’t not move much, so it was so intense and I had this picture of me naked on the bath with a giant umbilical cord attached to the universe. I could see the stars and galaxies all around me. I was integrating this experience the rest of the day and night and today I felt it was complete and I should share this experience with you. We are embodying our Divine self and this time and for the first time we are making it with our own body, not in death. We are becoming Gods and Goddesses living an Earthly experience, we are birthing the Divine upon the Earth, embracing our individuality as Masters and once we do it with ourselves we are helping others to birth their own Divinity. May you all reading this message be the receivers of this new light that is so powerful and bright. Become ready and open up to receive. Much love, Susana 

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