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What are light codes / light language?

Today I want to talk about Light Codes and explain what are they, where they come from and what’s their purpose in a simple way. We are made of energy, the world around us, the universe is energy and energy can express in many forms. Energy is vibration and frequency that translates in life itself, sound, color, shape, geometry, light codes and even your car, table, phone they vibrate and are made of energy, all in the universe has its own vibrational frequency. These vibrations can operate at higher and lower levels and they exist within and around us. Our beings are made up of different energy levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each of these levels has a vibrational frequency, which combine to create your overall vibration of being. As spiritual beings we operate in these multidimensional parts of us and we are able to access information and translate universal energies. Light codes are higher vibration frequency translated into form and they are able to be accessed depending on your personal gifts and level of consciousness. Light codes are nothing weird or strange they are only universal language in pure frequency that can help us to raise our vibration, to integrate new states of awareness and reach states of consciousness more rapidly and easily. Like sacred geometry is a natural expression of the universe that you can see in many patterns in nature, light codes and light language is a higher expression of the inner planes that all of us have the ability to access and translate depending on the soul gifts and purpose you are here to perform on Earth. When I receive light codes they come with cosmic energy and when I draw them they are materialized and and anchored on the Earth, helping to raise the vibration for All and when I share them with you they amplify. Light codes are only a natural way of expression of the universe and they always existed but only in recent times they are coming out, so now we are ready and we reached a vibrational frequency that allows us to work with these universal technology that is helping us to integrate more light, more love, more consciousness, and deeply transform and grow a new Earth! When you talk on your phone or hear the radio you find it natural, you do not think - that’s so weird I can speak with people from the other side of the planet. As we do it in this earthly plane, we can also do it with all the energy levels that exist. I hope this information can help you to open up your heart and have a better understanding of the natural languages of the universe and who knows in the future you will be able to work with them as well. If you would like to access you own personal light codes /soul ascension codes, I am able to do it for you. These light codes will bring you empowerment, enlightenment, downloads of energy and ability to move through life in a more aligned / fluid way. They bring also the nurturing, loving codes of the Divine Mother that will embrace your being in all your multidimensionality. Exchange: 33🌸

Send me a message if you are interested. Much love, Susana P.s the symbol above brings heart expansion and finding the truth in yourself 


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