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Embracing your Divinity

Good morning, connected with my Divine self in my own multidimensionality and connected with the Divine feminine consciousness i bring these words of love and grace. We will talk about embracing your own Divinity and how can we do achieve it. First I would like you to know that you are already Divine and always were. You birth from the Divine but you landed on the planet of illusion. A place beyond beautiful with so much to offer to your personal growth where your job is to remember the divine truth of your being and release the untruths of separation and illusion of this dual world. When you start to remember, it means you start aligning your being with the Divine in you, your heart start to open and you can see new possibilities unfolding, you can feel deeply how many things in your current life are not in alignment with who you are and you start to think in a different way. You start questioning the ideas that once ruled your world and how you can embrace a new state of consciousness. This state of consciousness is Love, is self- love, integrity with your being, its restructuring from inside out, it’s perceiving life and our relationships with more respect, less judging, more allowing... Once you start in this devotional path of finding your truest self there’s no way to come back... Once you see the light , the dark will come, will shake your structure, will challenge your desire to continue forward, will show broken parts of you, mirrored to gain consciousness and heal. It’s the Chrystic path, one were you will be shaken, one where things will fall, one you’ll have to keep the faith to stand up every time. But the further you walk the more you Master your being to see beyond this world of limitation. Once you start seeing from within all fakes fall apart and you understand deeply how the Universe/ God / Creator was always on your side, guiding you every step of the way, showing where to go. There was never a mistake, there were only invitations and reminders and signs for where to go. Always to lead you to the top of your mountain your sacred mountain, the Divine in you. You learn to expect the best, to not worry, to embrace and love yourself no matter what, you learn to respect others on their own unique ways, you know the universe has always your back, and for every challenge always come something good. Your heart expands, your light shines bright and within you can always find the answers. You know who you are and you don’t expect others to tell you or to approve your Divinity, You simply ARE ! You learn to appreciate life, to be grateful and most of all you learn to ALLOW. You learn to create less resistance and you start dancing with life. Feeling what will be your next move. You can now perceive your being, honoring your Soul purpose with humility and grace. But even there’s simplicity there also power and strength, one that is so strong that you will Master it to use for the highest good of all, only! I stand here in this moment with my heart full and so beyond grateful for what I have achieved, the Divine in me! Namaste 🙏 Susana 

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