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12th dimension unicorns message

Today I am joining the unicorns and I bring a message from the magical kingdom in the 12 dimension where these creatures send us their unconditional love and the power to believe in the unknown. Their work is to bring the pure light into our hearts, to bring the magic within, to unfold our true magical gifts. They bring inspiration, healing, fun and guidance, so they are specialized in understanding what our pure beings want and aim to. They can scan your energy and find where the magic is and if you still believe they will remind you how to amplify the magic within. They will place their horn on the top of your crown chakra and bathe you with the most fulfilling light. Unicorns are pure friends, allies that you can count on. I hope you still believe in them, I hope your inner-child still remembers how believing in magic was something so simple and true. If you still have this remembrance, you will know how magic is real and always was. You can feel it in a such pure way that you will not deny it. You will feel it’s presence and it will radiate from you. You will not care if others believe it or not, you just know 🌟🌸🦄🌸🌟 From the unicorns: “ It’s a pleasure to be here! We are grateful to bring forth a message from the unicorn realm on the 12th dimension where we work closely with Susana. In a time where everything is sprouting and blooming big inner changes are happening, some of you are rebirthing into the new. We want to welcome your Master selves, we want to honor who you are. From our dimension we are at your service. We are available to help the Master in you with a variety of energy work. Just think of us being part of your spiritual team. We are powerful healers and we have the ability to purify any situation, place, person or animal. We are made of pure vibration and we operate always from unconditional love. Please take a moment to feel our vibration around you. You may feel a tinkling energy in your crown chakra. It’s a good time, to come forth. We bring a fresh page after this strong period of cleansing. We come to amplify, bringing strength and filling you with the light of your Master self, refilling all particles of your being. We also bring focus to keep up and the assertiveness you need to place some things in order. Trust your Divine being, it knows exactly what’s doing. New times, new rules, new ideas, new rearrangement. Trust your feelings and act in what’s need to be rearranged. And just welcome the new, welcome with your smile, welcome with your cells, welcome with your entire being and say - “Hi new energy, I welcome you with my love and power. I Am that I am!” Silently on your side we will invite this new to come in. We love you and we are so proud of all the steps given, You are also magical, We are the unicorns of the 12th dimension” 

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