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New Divine feminine channeled message from Divine Mother

“The sacred feminine is healing and leaving behind a great deal of injustice, misunderstandings, disrespect... enormous wounds were left in the Divine Aspect of Creation. An unbalanced relationship between the the parts - Masculine and Feminine. Never once was supposed to create from only one aspect of the Creator, but from a balanced placed where all creation was an infusion of masculine and feminine in one energy expressed of the highest aspects of Source. The wound left to heal was a giant one, much pain was felt for too long but finally the layers and layers of unworthiness, disrespect, lack of appreciation of the Divine qualities of the feminine will dissolve and a new feminine will rise. The Divine Masculine is here upon the Earth at this time to venerate, appreciate, support, respect, protect and give all the conditions for the Divine Feminine to be expressed. That’s the job of the Divine Masculine to help the feminine to rise. In this process giving a nest, comfort and space for the feminine to become stronger and stronger. After all, the Divine feminine always supported and served the masculine but at this time things are different and go the other way around so new times of a Golden Era become in alignment with ALL THAT IS. All the processes of the Feminine at this time are sacred and Divine. No more disrespect will be allowed for the ones already in a certain level of consciousness. Make your part and trust! Embrace the women next to you, be the one who is there to honor all the parts - the mystic, the intuitive, the wild, the free, the nurturer, the mother, the wife, the friend, the creative, the goddess ...allow her to be and learn from it. So she is your teacher, your lover, your friend, your protector, your guide. And you men know you are her strength, her ground, her safety, her friend. Allow her to be and happiness will arise and devoted unions established. From my heart to yours, the Divine Mother!” 🌸🙌🌸 Much love Susana www.susanatavaresart.com Art by Pamela McCabe 

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