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Divine marriage of Spirit and matter part 1 - sacred geometry

This is the first part of 16 Sacred geometries that bring the opportunity to infuse matter and spirit. A sacred marriage between matter and spirit means to reawaken lost parts of yourself, and to live in unity with ALL THAT IS. It’s Easter time and it’s time for rebirth and leave behind the old programming if you already had take the steps to do so. When you awaken the fifth dimension of your being you are ready to make this insemination of spirit in matter and give birth to this profound transformation. It’s possible it’s not your time yet to do it, even so the possibility is now open to do it in a near future. This 16 geometries are the 16 steps to achieve it in alignment with the new matrix of the golden age. Action required to receive the codes: align with your center and look at the geometry to receive. You can also print it and display it in your altar one each week. Don’t need to display the whole collection. Much love Susana  

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