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New Atlantis temple channeled message by Lady Venus and Sanat Kumara

Rejoice to the new day! Alliances are being made in the name of wealth and abundance upon the Earth. Rejoice dear soul of light that your coming has brought many benefits to the development of the energetic field of the planet. Rejoice in the new beginnings, time to cross to the other side. The ascension seat is ready for many of you reading this message. We Venus and Sanat Kumara want to congratulate you, sons and daughters of the light for your availability to defend the Earth like true soldiers of love, wisdom and power in the name of the 3 fold flame. Starting today, we want to inform you something special will occur. The cities of light, the new Jerusalem will start to birth in the etheric field upon the Earth. In Oporto, Portugal the new Atlantis temple will start being built. We count on you to support this new project leaded by Susana with the help of the Venus family and our allies to birth, build and encourage this project with your beautiful energy of love, nourishment and respect for this new Golden age. Respecting this project, will be needed to build the pillars of light, that will be the base of this ethereal city of new Atlantis beneath the Atlantic Ocean. You will be the supporters ( you will know if it’s you ) to hold the energy and help Susana to establish the energetic base so this temple can reach its potencial and be in Europe the counterpart of Shambala. The new Atlantis temple will be built in the name of the Divine Matrix Creator of All. Susana will be sharing from now on many geometry prototypes, codes and messages to bring to life this amazing project that will benefit not only Europe but all the Earth. Many will have the opportunity to learn and receive the updates needed in this temple that brings the purity, love, knowledge and cosmic creation in union with the new Divine Matrix. Susana holds the imprint of our both energies, she is part of our beings a multidimensional part of Lady Venus upon the Earth. We count on you to participate and bring to live the new Atlantis temple in honor to the Great Mother of All. Much love we are Lady Venus and Sanat Kumara P.s - oh my I am nervous about this message 😅 Thank you for your support and love 

Art by Arial Ali 🙏

More www.susanatavaresart.com

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