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New Atlantis Temple and allies

The New Atlantis temple has started it’s works. A group of support has been defined creating a permanent United energy for the construction of the Temple. With our allies - Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Alpha century, cosmic elemental beings (unicorns and dragons), Seraphim and Angel orders, Elohim light council 9, 12 and 24, Devas, Crystal beings, parallel, cosmic beings, Holy Spirit Higher Source of all and the Venus family. All united to perform the Arts of creation in a pure alliance with the Earth. It’s our intention to inform the advancement of this city of light being created in Oporto, Portugal. The first temple being built in the city, is the temple of Creation. In this temple where the love of the Divine Matrix and it’s pure form of consciousness towards creation can be experienced and learned once the city is ready to receive the souls interested in their spiritual growth and alignment with Sophia Christ mother of All ( or God, Creator, universe, wherever you like to call it) The New Atlantis Temple will have a building period of 2 years and it will be in 12th dimension connected with all the higher dimensions of consciousness of this universe and parallel universes, bringing the highest experience advancement of the soul. You are all creators part of Divine consciousness, your awakening is needed to continue to develop the NEW EARTH ✨🌍 ✨ All of you, holding the most pure intentions and detachment of the outcome are welcome to give your contribution has well. How? Place a three fold flame image in your Altar in honor to the New Atlantis Temple and light a candle to ignite the fire of pure Creation. We love you, We are Venus and Sanat Kumara with the presence of our allies honoring the new Temple of Atlantis on Earth  

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