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Who are you? - Lady Venus message

Sacred Divine beings, at this time where it is being given to you the opportunity to awake and to become your Divine self. I wonder how many of you know who you are, how many of you are allowing their own Divinity to come forth and trust it? Have you found your Divine identity? If yes I want to congratulate you for being courageous and put fear aside. It is time for Masters, Gods and Goddesses to be known. It’s time to be present and live fully your Divine self. This acknowledgment of your Divinity it’s important. When you allow yourself to be in your fullness, you are awakening your brothers and sisters, you are empowering the Divine upon the Earth. Together we are creating a movement a revolution of the light allowing us to be fully present in our own Divine self. And when you do it, everything changes... you own your power and even can be challenging to do so ( talking by experience 😁) you are becoming an active part of this revolution of light. We were thought that we should be small, that we are only one more person on this planet... but this is so far from the truth! Each and one of you holds the Divine spark of the sacred Divine, how can this not be special? In Oneness we bridge the unconditional love, the grace, glory, beauty and abundance of Source. In essence you are A Divine flower in the garden of All that is, a Master that came to teach what is to live in the truth of the Spirit. Now I ask you, who are you? A Goddess/ God, starseed, high priest/priestess, a galactic leader, Sorcerer, Angel, part 144000... let’s NOT be afraid together 🥰 Much love, Lady Venus (me)

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