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Living expansion by Lady venus

Upon the Earth, the Golden dawn it’s now being felt, destroying all that is from illusion. Some are riding the wave of expansion in exhilaration, becoming their own Divine being upon the Earth making their way to fulfill their purposes. Others are still in the process of awakening facing their lower selves, trying to understand and finding ways to reclaim this alignment of the soul. The emptiness, the confusion... it’s only the confirmation that something needs to change. You are here to be happy and truthful with who you really are and from now on there’s no possible escape rather than reset your system, your beliefs, facing your fears, your illusions to gain wings to fly. I know it’s not an easy task, I know it takes lots of effort, but in the balance of facing your challenges and loving yourself, taking time to nourish, to rest, to listen and be opened to receive the next step to take, you’ll get there! In our new city of light Temple of Atlantis, the temple of Creation is completed 🥳 and since yesterday a new cycle began with the construction of the Temple of Joy and unconditional Love 🙏 For those who want to give their contribution with the most pure intentions, just make a prayer saying - “ From the highest and purest part of my being I share with the temple of Joy and unconditional love in the new Atlantis city of Light, my support to be used for the most highest good for this planet. And so it is” I welcome your purest love and joy 🥰 Lady Venus 

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