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Joy and unconditional love

Good morning, we are the Sirians, Arcturian and Pleiadian. We are partnership with the New Atlantis city of light in the construction of the Temple of Joy and unconditional love. We would like to ask all the ones who are interested in participate with their energetic contribution, are most welcome. This temple of Joy and unconditional love, brings the exuberance of life, the connection with the spirit, and unfolds within the sanctity of the child that lives in your heart. It hold you in a place of wonder and magic, where all possibilities are opened and you see life through the mind of Source. Joy and Unconditional Love are deeply interconnected. Without joy, there’s no unconditional love and vice-versa. They hold each other. These two frequencies walk together and they are never apart. Many believe joy is just a mood state but in fact is the most powerful creation tool, the one the highest mind of creation uses to facilitate all processes of manifestation in this multiverse. Joy and unconditional love are like twin energies, they are unique in their expressions but at the same time they hold and complete each other. We really want you to understand the importance of Joy and how your connection with joy is one of the most important things you can achieve on your path. With Lady Venus we want you to receive the attunement of Joy in your hearts and it will be shared this technology with all the ones interested in receiving it. Just say “ I AM” in the comments below and you will instantly receive it. If you wish to share your new Joy attunment, with the Atlantis city of light, in the construction of the Temple of Joy and unconditional love, just say- “ I Am available to share, in the purest way, my new JOY in the construction of the Temple of Joy and unconditional love. I am joy! I am Love! And so it is” We bless you you with the highest energy of creation, 💎We are Lady Venus, Sirius, Arcturus and Pleiades at your service 💎 

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