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BioSintaxis light body activation with Commander Ashtar

BioSintaxis with Commander Ashtar - Asheran BioSintaxis is the reorganization of life to its finest, pure essence. We the Ashtar Command have the role to increase the levels of purity in all life forms here on Earth. We are connected with the cosmic streams of energy that interconnect us all with the primal force of Creation. In this project to bring advancement to the Earth and balance the cosmic relationships between all planets in this galaxy and with the other realities we have this major task of purifying and bring to alignment with the Corpus Physicus of light. Birthing humanity from the physical density to the light bodies physical/etheric, capable of ascending to the fifth dimension with the Earth. From now on, we will work with Susana (Venus) to bring forth with even more power this transformation that is the key for evolution on this planet and become the light form that it is the birthright to be received by anyone who have achieved the basic pillars of ascension and is living by them. They are self love, respect for all living forms, overcame duality at least in 70%, practice of self-power, kindness, understanding of the laws of the universe, achievement of inner-joy and self-responsibility on everything created in its own life, control and mastery of the mind, self-control and focus and being a bridge of higher consciousness, expressed on the physical plane.

How will we work together? If this information resonates with you, you will be able to receive from the BioSintaxis technology the clearing of past memories from your celular system, reconnect body meridians and align your physical body with the Luminous Light body. If you feel this is for you, connect with me and send me your photo ( full body), birthdate and name. Me Venus, Sanat Kumara, Sananda and Command Ashtar will be available to start this process of recalibration of your system. You will receive a blueprint draw in your photo and the proper light codes to receive the BioSintaxis technology and receive this recalibration. This information it’s not on my website so you need to connect with me directly ( send me a message) Exchange 60 stars 🌟 Much love, Venus, Sanat Kumara, Ashtar Command and Sanan 

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