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Holy waters and Galactic Dolphins by Lady Venus

In alignment with my Source of Creation, I Lady Venus, bring with me the Holy waters of Creation. They express in abundance, love, power and wisdom of the highest pure source of Creation. In the Holy Waters, swim the Galactic Dolphins my eternal friends 💦🐬💦, partners of the fluid, crystalline, rainbow, sparkling waters. In waterfalls of abundance these Holy waters are flowing to you now, feel them flowing through you, purifying all your system, bringing the comfort and flow of the Holy in you. Enjoy the Holy waters, bathe in them, crystallize your being, elevate yourself to the highest octaves of Source purity. Call the Galactic Dolphins to swim around you forming a spiral of Holy Water. Allow them to bless you! They will touch with their nose in a part of your body to activate a Holy connection in you. Take some time to hear their message or see what they have to show you. Receive with an open heart 💗 In the end thank them the activation that took place and enjoy! From the Holy waters to you, Venus 

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