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Lady Venus and the Angels of love

Good morning, I hope everyone is feeling better today, not easy days at all. Today I bring with me legions of Love Angels and they came to support you. Allow yourself while reading this message to feel the tenderness, peace and relaxation the Love Angels bring to you on this day. For a moment close your eyes and feel them around you spreading spirals of loving energy, raising your vibration. Take a moment to breathe and feel the love. They are placing in your heart a pink and turquoise ball of energy, you will feel your heart expanding and from this ball, sacred geometry will start forming from your center. Allow this geometry to form all around you and I hope you can see it, they are absolutely gorgeous 😍 wait until it’s finished, tuning in. This Sacred geometry will tune you with the highest love of Source, a sacred passage to receive directly in your heart center, the fluidity of universal life, peace, regeneration, tranquility and softness. Enjoy today the blessings that are being poured upon you. Be grateful for the love within and around ✨💗✨ I am Lady Venus with the Angels of Love Enjoy! 

Art by Glenyss Bourne 

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