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Divine Mother unified energy field

With the presence of the Divine Mother, I Lady Venus bring the unification of the scattered energies of the planet. The soft Golden energy of the Divine Mother is surrounding the Earth and irradiating from the center of the planet, like a sun, shining in the most beautiful soft golden light. Working directly with the Divine Masculine, we are inseminating the Earth and creating a solid platform, a conduct of Divine cosmic energy to hold the entire planet steady in the frequency of the Divine Mother. The softness of Her presence will be felt in the hearts, the smell of Her perfume will surround your being, Her tender embrace will make you feel safe and unharmed. She is here to honor you, to honor your sacredness that has been lost for so long. She is present to remind you the essence and the joy of being. She is delicate and the force of life She is kind and powerful, She is here to stay! Rejoice in gratitude, for her love is irreplaceable in your hearts, Hear Her whisper, Her song. She loves you, so you are Her sons and daughters Surrender to Her love She is here to stay With an embrace of infinite love, The Divine Mother through Lady Venus 

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