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Marriage of spirit and matter part 12 - sacred Geometry

Marriage of spirit and matter part 12/ 14 With this Sacred geometry, the infusion of Spirit is being made into the smallest parts, into cells, microorganisms... it’s spirit descending to all levels. It’s a Synthesis in matter, where all becomes spirited. Recovering from what always should have been. Harmonizing and reorganizing all life with the primordial Golden Ratio or Divine proportion. Clearing obsolete patterns that do not correspond with the primordial creation. Much love ✨🔥🤱🏻🔥✨ I Am Venus! ♾ These Sacred geometries bring the opportunity to infuse matter and spirit. Action required to receive the codes: align with your center and look at the geometry to receive. You can also print it and display it in your altar one each week. Don’t need to display the whole collection. Find all parts published here - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/blog/category/Divine%20marriage%20of%20spirit%20and% 

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