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Ascension symptoms

Since Sunday night I feel an intense energy moving through me, like being always connected with my highest self. It’s so strong... a feeling of deep cosmic unity, that sometimes can be overwhelming. Because it moves, it’s present, it’s powerful, it’s a new state of being. It’s a being from beyond, like just a small part of my being is staying on Earth and all the rest it’s ethereal. I believe it’s the embodiment of the soul, we become more spirit and less matter. It’s a redesign of our structure, where you can live in unison with your highest potential. It’s the beginning of living in our unlimited potential, that’s why can be felt a little intense sometimes. It’s like being at a higher speed energetically, emanating these higher qualities anywhere, anytime... while living a “normal” life, they are just flowing, non stop, irradiating from you. I asked - why it’s so intense? Answer - wants to be noticed, honored, owned! It’s like you are the living temple upon the Earth, without needing to meditate or doing something to achieve a certain type of energy. You are the Divine upon the Earth, always present, always being..this is oneness! The I AM! From the Divine Mother: Say - I am the Divine temple! I am endless cosmic consciousness! I am greatness upon the Earth, not because I am more than anyone but because I am the awakened living Divinity upon the Earth. I own my power! I live from the heart! I am grounding great Divine power! Anywhere I am, i am spreading the love of All that is. Because this is my own essence, my natural state of being, my abundante way of becoming the light of the Creator upon this planet and raise it to a point where all can have the experience of the I AM! I will not bless you so you are already blessed on your own. I love you, The Divine Mother Sophia  

Art by Daniel B. Holeman 

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