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From every challenge comes purification

Dear friends even if the times seem confusing and with old wounds coming to surface, I want to remind you every challenge you pass is a way for purification. Nothing you pass is in vain and somehow everything is always working out for you. Challenges come and go, just stay true to your being and connected with your inner knowing. The challenges, embrace them the way you can, be compassionate and try to remember how far you already have come, how much you have learned, transformed and healed. Sometimes you take a ride in the roller coaster, feeling kind of dizzy with all that’s going on, but you go through the challenges always knowing love is with you and someway you always end up well. Because you believe in beauty, in blessings, in a mysterious force that holds you no matter what. The kindness in you heart worth a thousand blessings, your innocence is a gift in this world, your magic sacred! Infuse yourself in love, even in the challenging days, do not think poorly about yourself, you are doing the best you can! You are an evolved soul, with so much to give. Treat yourself with the kindness, tranquility and love that you deserve. Love yourself no matter what, it’s ok! From my heart to yours Much love . Art by @aguarelaquantica 

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