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Divine Mother codes of light

I Am the Divine Mother of All, and today through Lady Venus I bring the codes for a new cycle. After these days of great cleanse of the lower energies on your energetic field, the resurrection of the light take place once more. Feel it growing within you, don’t wait or take any excuse to not welcome the new within yourself, so it’s your choice to welcoming it or not. Hold this opportunity with both hands and say - “I Am ready! I Am ready to become my highest self upon the Earth! I demand at this precise moment the absolute alignment with my higher self consciousness!” And now wait a few seconds with your eyes closed. Allowing your higher heart to receive and be filled with your essence, allow it to overflow in your center, like magnificent waves of the most pure light , allow it to connect with third eye, to embrace your mind, crown chakra, soul star chakra and all the way up, filling all your I Am presence until it reaches the top. From today until the Lions Gate (8/8) allow this embodiment to develop. Be grateful for what you received today, We are the Divine Mother and Lady Venus, Embracing and holding the Earth. You are supported, You are loved, Don’t waist more time, Be the real YOU, Unify yourself, Replace the old with new for once, So much is ready for you to receive, Move forward now! 

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