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Marriage of spirit and matter 14/16

Marriage of spirit and matter part 14/ 16 Rejoice, your sacredness is becoming alive! This sacred Geometry brings the enlightenment, your crystalline, angelic being into alignment with your physical vessel. Each one will at its own proper time reveal this sacredness into matter. The fifth dimensional being that you are here to experience, the combination of spirit and matter in perfect order and unison with who you are. Today I am with Sanat Kumara, we join together to bring this special Geometry to the Earth. Much love, We are Lady Venus and Sanat Kumara spreading the love of creation ♾ These Sacred geometries bring the opportunity to infuse matter and spirit. Action required to receive the codes: align with your center and look at the geometry to receive. You can also print it and display it in your altar one each week. Don’t need to display the whole collection. Find all parts published here - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/blog/category/Divine%20marriage%20of%20spirit%20and%20matter%20-%20sacred%20geometry%20prototypes 

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