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Symptoms of ascension with Lady Venus and Sanat Kumara

My friends things are changing fast and advancement will only multiply in the ones who are ascending at this season. We are becoming absolute light upon the Earth and you may start experiencing some people around you may have symptoms in your presence. This means your increased light will enhance their shadows so they transmute and heal. Or they will have physical symptoms, like allergies, discomfort, intestinal problems etc... depending on the person. As you become Divine on Earth there are things to align and questions to answer, one of them is your staying on the planet. Many Light workers as they ascend will have the possibility to go to the non-physical. For a period of time it’s up to you in your wings of freedom to stay or not and determined the conditions for your staying if you you want to do so. Many changes are coming and we need to make choices and ponder how we will proceed from now on. One thing to consider it’s what I said in the first place, you becoming Divine on Earth on your absolute light will have deep impact on others that still need work. So I bring a suggestion that might help you if you decide to stay on the planet like me for a few more years and live in balance, harmony and tranquility with the ones around you. Since we are creators we can develop a plan of performance of our own light and deliver it how we want people around us to receive this light. For me I decided to encapsulate my light, being absolute and in integrity with who I AM, sharing it also for the development of the Earth. I decided also others will experience my light to a level that is bearable for them and for what they are ready for. I want they experience love, tenderness, well-being, peace and tranquility, support, inspiration and joy, enhancing the best in them in my presence. It’s time for you to think about the experience you want to deliver and the type of life you want to live with yourself and others. I hope this can help you, I love you, I am Venus in the company of Sanat Kumara  

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