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Mother Earth calling

Today I bring a visualization to help Gaia to sustain its balance and harmony. It’s very simple and you can do it everyday if you like. Connect with your highest Self, supreme Divine being on you, feel this presence of light, love and purity in your heart. Imagine the Earth in a small scale in front of you and from your heart spreaed this light around the Earth using your hands. Scan the planet and find blocks or dark spots and with an intentional movement clear this energy until it returns into harmony again. Continue to observe and clear until you feel it’s need to. Thank you Venus and Sanat Kumara Mother Earth’s message: “To all those who are aware and conscious that I am much more than a rock flying in space, for those who can perceive that I hold my own consciousness, for those available to raise their hands and help, to those who came to be a supportive force upon my lands, for those who perceive my love and power, for those who appreciate and are grateful for the opportunity of serving a higher cause. I Am Mother Gaia! I search for those who are ready to serve my cause of freedom and justice for all. I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME! You serve me and I serve you! Like a song we can move together as one. If you say yes, my inspiration, my love and power will be with you. Together we rise, together we fulfill each other’s needs. Together we will create solutions! You are an extension of Source but also you are an extension of Earth’s energy. In this awareness of oneness and in this period where all is giving a quantum leap, it’s time to rearrange, for new plans, for new services, to go deeper! Please listen my call, connect with me today and receive my spirit. Allow me to give you a plan of action and inspire you in this next cycle. Listen and feel today, take time with me so we can honor each other. I bless you, I love you, I am your Mother Gaia!” 

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