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Artists are creators and creators create!

Artists are creators and creators create.

I am an artist and so are YOU. You have the power of CREATION within you, you are able to create a new way, a new life. So why continue to be stuck on the past... the past is the past, it’s where it belongs. We are starting a new era, a NEW EARTH, we need new thinking, wide perspectives and open hearts. Understanding that we can co-create a new future that holds the freedom and love that we are dreaming for so long. So why continue with the old, why?

Release your power, release the artist in you that can paint in a blank canvas and create something beautiful, colorful, interesting, forget what has been told, what was, what you’ve learned and dare to think with your higher mind, deconstructing the old ways, the old patterns, the old ideas...create new paths.

That’s really up to you, what do you want? Continue to swim in the mud of the old or to build something new?

I see so many continuing to give voice to the old, when we need NEW.

Please think about it. How can I paint / create in a new way? How can I embrace the new in me? Where am I holding myself in others ideas? How can I dare more to be a new, better version of myself and create new paths for the future?

We’re all bridges for the future!



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