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Awakening your Light Body by The Divine Couple Shekinah and Yahweh - Channeled messages

“We are present today, after a period of festivities to welcome the new year and to bring knowledge and consciousness about the processes and transformations that are coming for 2019. We, the Divine Couple, Shekinah and Yahweh wish to bless you all. You are feeling once more that many is unfolding for you and it is! You are being showered by a massive pouring of the highest light frequency. This light frequency is awakening the real you, is rescuing your sacred being and we know it can be overwhelming sometimes, but please trust the sleepless nights, the discomfort in your body, and all the sensations you cannot explain. Your awakening in a new light body is happening and this transformation can make you feel dizzy and sensitive, sometimes with the sensation that you can faint. In these moments just trust we are in charge and you just need to relax and trust the process. Lay down, breathe, close your eyes, be in stillness and all will pass a few moments. The light waves reaching the Earth are massive and they are present for the next phase of ascension. To AWAKEN YOUR LIGHT BODY and reconstruct the relationship with Source energy that is your birthright to live every day. And once more have the ability to be in full awareness, to live in oneness, to be able to be more than ever inspired by the higher love and light that you are part of. To be fully present. To awaken the real you that is TRANSCENDENT, OMNIPRESENT and DIVINE. We ask you to trust! After all, we are living in a NEW WORLD of LIGHT, the SHINA-SHAKTA awakening, a new paradigm of consciousness, a NEW ERA and all about it is special and new. When you achieve this consciousness within you, you reach a state of peace that will guide you to do the best you can, surrender to the highest dimensions, present in a vision and state of mind that always know a higher plan is at works and you are part of it. In this message we gift you with the vibration of a higher mind, that is connected with ours. This HIGHER MIND will separate the junk from the “good stuff”, will remind you the WHY and realign your thoughts with Source. Softening the resistance and give you a sense of purpose, of doing your job… for what you are made of… the strength of a higher mind advancing with proud, power and purpose, with clarity of who you are, in service for a higher cause. We love you deeply, Our power lives within you, You are magnificent, See and feel it with your own eyes, Shekinah and Yahweh

Note: "We present ourselves this way Shekinah and Yahweh because it’s important to understand how the Divine force exists, in our oneness we are masculine and feminine, we are ONE force with two streams of consciousness, in our union we are the Creation Force of All That is.”

Art from Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance by Alana Fairchild

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