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Divine Mother channeled message

Divine Mother

In this time of challenges and initiation paths, a time when you need to prove what you’re made of and remembering what you have learned, know that the Divine Mother is with you! Embracing you all along the way, giving you an extra-strength to keep going and keep believing in yourself. You have all that is needed to overcame anything!

The Divine Mother is holding space for you to keep walking in faith, truth and love. She wants you to remember that you’re not a victim of any kind of circumstances but you are here to expand and to become what you signed for to experience on this planet. Inside of you there’s all the tools to overcome anything. And the Divine is here, helping you to have the glimpses of illumination you need to make the best out of every situation. Know you’re never left alone, you are just stretching a little more so you can move to next phase. Trust and flow the most you can!

Divine Mother strength. Have faith in you. Initiation. Divine challenges.



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