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From my Divine to your Divine 💖

The Goddess / God in you asks to go deep within yourself and dive into the waters of your true self, your true being. Enter into the portal of the Goddess in you and accept who you are. Leave behind fears, preconceptions or ideas that you believe don’t feet in this world, that’s only the memories of the old world in you. The sacred you it’s ready to move forward, this embodiment of the Goddess can be called many things - oneness, the true Human, enlightenment, ascension, embodiment of the I Am presence... that’s why you came, to make this embodiment on the Earth and supply others with the energetic frequency so others can also do the same. New beginnings of the Earth into a new consciousness.

A new group of ascended people is ready to live from their higher consciousness upon the Earth, you know who you are! Just say YES and all will move by itself. Don’t need to think, don’t need to worry, just need to BE!

Allow this descending and trust the DIVINE in you. This is enough!

From now on trust your gut feeling, don’t make questions...YOU ARE! Follow your glow, your truth and stand in your power with a tremendous sweetness pouring from within your Herat that can see all with the eyes of beauty and truth in every situation.

You came so far!

This means you will be operating from all the dimensions in you, WHOLE!





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