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Home respect

“From the depths of the sea, there’s a higher force that supports this planet. May I ask you, do you respect your home?

In your busy life, do you remember to respect, to be respected?

Can you see the gifts and treasures of your planet or you are just passing by?

There’s a connection with your environment that is sacred, you are part of your seas, of your trees, flowers and animals, they are not separate from you. Please open your heart to understand the treasure you hold within yourself.

Stop and think, the mountain is part of you, the shiny waters of the river are part of you, the colorful flowers and plants are part of you, the waves of the sea, the wind that blows, the fire that burns, the earth under your feet... ALL is YOU!

In this awareness, take care of you, your home, your environment.

Feel them inside of you pulsating their life force, sustaining your being. Acknowledge their importance in your heart and act accordingly. Do not wait to feel the blessing of integrate in oneness with your home planet. It’s your treasure to hold, to care, to love, to nurture, to respect.

Love yourself, love your nature, love your planet.”



Art prints available, just let me know 💗

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