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I am the creator of my own world!

Remind yourself the power you hold within, you are the creator of your own world! This means you can transform anything black to white, white to dark... you choose. In your perspective, there’s the key of transformation, the way you choose to see and think about life.

Your focus and strength are important at this time, even things might seem frightening and chaotic the way you put your energy into the world matters. Forget about being worried, or being carried way by the uncertainty of the future. Hold yourself in the now, in the moment where you can bit by bit honor your life, your wellbeing and the planet you are living in and be the facilitator of this peaceful, joyful, faithful energy, creating waves of goodness and vibrating high. This way you are a helper!

Choosing to see the bright side of questions, being open for solutions for the future and remembering if you vibrate higher you will be connected with the universal mind, your higher consciousness that provides all the answers and drives you in the best way into the future if you are willing to believe in this higher source that already makes your heart beat even if you are not thinking about it.

You are greater than you think, remember you are a creator, it’s time to create wisely and be that powerful, full of strength being that you were born to be!



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