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Sunset Oracle Cards


The Sunset Oracle Cards is a 36 card deck  inspired by the beauty of Portugal sunsets that I can experience from my window in Oporto, Portugal and the insights I received looking at the magic of the sun at this moment of the day. 


The Sun is the energy of illumination, inner power, achievement, warmth, light and spiritual growth. The perfect energy to integrate more of your inner power, embody your intuitive nature and bring more understanding to your path in a conscious way.


The Sunset Oracle Cards is the tool to quickly and easily get an insight and deepen the connection with your soul.
Each card brings the sunset frequency translated into illustrations and soul guidance words.

These oracle cards are to be used in an intuitive way, just center yourself, make a question and shuffle the cards to get your answer. Dose not include a guidebook, the idea is to trust your intuition!

You can use it also to meditate, put in your altar, as prompts for intuitive writing, draw or paint.

All pictures, illustrations and messages were created by me Susana Tavares.

Size: 9 x 12,5cm  /  3.5 x 4.9"


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