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This eBook is all about wings, colors, and happiness. It's about your spiritual gifts and how to open them up, like a pair of beautiful butterfly wings and allow them to fly.

Your gifts are special, a one of a kind piece of art you bring with you to this planet. They are full of potential and magic and ready to jump on your lap, so you can play together and be happy.

In this eBook I will provide a safe and easy way for you to open your wings and to create the environment you need to fly.

In this book I will give you the tools I find important to understand how can you do this through the practice of listening what you need and tune yourself with your soul energy. In 94 pages, I will introduce you what I have learned and what feels valuable to bring to the table in this time of big changes on Planet Earth. The beginning of a big  adventure where you finally will open your wings and become the beautiful butterfly you came to be.

Investment- 12 butterflies

After purchase allow 24h to receive the eBook on your email .


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