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Art by H.G. Leiendecker

I was inspired to create a "Light Activation Pack" that will work your entire energetic system and bring you the information you need. 

In this pack is included :

- Energy levels ( I will measure the energy of your chakras, what are the best foods for you and give you some health suggestions from your Spirit Guides) 
- Light activationThe light activation, will unlock, heal and realign your system, bringing balance and connection with the energies of the new Earth.
- Soul message ( from your Guides) - The Soul message from your Guides bringing forth the information and guidance you need.
- Personal Sacred Geometryyour soul blueprint. Representing and connecting you with your essence and truth. A portal for you to access the free flow energy of the universe and qualities of the creator in you.

All information is received in partnership with your Spirit Guides and my Angelique team. This tools were given to me to help the ascension on the Earth, if you feel you are ready buy in the button below and send me your picture (full body to the front,)  full name and birth date.



exchange- 90€


All information will be received by email.

Sending Blessings in your way

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