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Personal Sacred Geometry

The personal Sacred Geometry Grid is a geometric shape I will draw, connecting with your Spirit Guides and your Soul energy.

This geometry will represent the blueprint of your soul. A Sacred geometry shape that will support your system to vibrate at its best. Amplifying and connecting you with the truth of your Soul. Who you really are!

If you are interested in receiving your PERSONAL GRID 

What I will do:

I will create a personal Sacred Geometry Grid with the support of your Guiding Angels that will support your system.  Amplifying and connecting your system with the original purpose of oneness with the universe and qualities of the Creator.


What I need from you:

I will need a picture of you, your name and birth date.

I have 2 prices 44€ and 55€ see the difference below


Receive the sacred geometry trough email - 44€

- you will receive a digital file with your sacred geometry Grid to print and put on home, work space, and /or put in your phone or/and computer

Book your personal Sacred Geometry


for 44€















Receive an art print in your home + digital file - 55€

- the original drawing of your Sacred Geometry Grid in pencil

- 1 A4 prints to place in your home  


Book your Sacred geometry original


for 55€+ 10€ shipping


with all you need

Light activation + energy levels + soul message + sacred geometry

Available here


About the process

I was oriented by the Masters, Lord Maitreya and Sanat Kumara, to give this service to planet Earth, helping this way with ascension of the planet.

All processes are made with your Spirit Guides for your highest good.


The light activation will be completed in a period of time between 6 to 12 months depending on the energetic patterns, blockages, ways of thinking and life style of each individual.

Some frequent asked questions

Will I feel something?

You will feel an improvement of your well being and energy. This process of transformation and healing will depend on your own openness or on how much is needed to unlock.

In animals is a really quick change, because they have less resistance and are opened.

Who can receive a light activation/ personal sacred geometry grid?

This process is suited to be made in any age to people and animals.

How do you know what point are needed to be activated?

There´s nothing to worry about, all the process is conducted by the Masters and they will know what to do and orient my work so the process be made and bring blessing to your life and the planet.

This process interfere with other therapies?

No it dosen´t interfere.

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