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Please click on the musical note on the bottom right corner of the video to hear my voice.

Please excuse me for the amount of okays I say along the videos, I am Portuguese ;) Thank you!

If you like to share your drawings and paintings with me please tag me on Instagram @susanatavaresartes

Can´t wait to see what you create!



These are the materials I used to create the flower fairy. Please feel free to adapt with what you have at home, or use other materials as well. You are here to be creative and use your imagination, so allow yourself to do what feels right for you.


- Watercolors from Van Gohg and Shmincke

- Watercolor brush

- Crayons Neocolor II from Caran d`ache 

- Watercolor pencils from Derwent/Inktense

- Posca white pen

- Bowl of water

How I draw a face

Fairy Coloring page.jpg

How I  paint flowers

Piterest board.jpg

Here´s the link to my Flower Pinterest board

Let´s paint a Flower Fairy

My flower reference
Part 1
Colors I used
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Thank you!

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