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Light activation

A Light Activations is a healing process.

Geometric patterns that will activate in your system the right points and metrics, producing waves of energy to unlock your power and open up the space for you to receive the energy you need. Healing, unlocking and realigning your system with your truth and the universal flow of energy. A transformational process that will put you in right direction to live in your maximum potential, in abundance, peace, health and well being.

The Light activation is made with your photo and I will draw on the top and activate the points needed so you can achieve BALANCE in your system. Clearing, healing and amplifying your vibration. Like I have made in the flower above. You will look like a constellation.

f you are interested in a LIGHT ACTIVATION send me your photo ( full body to the front ), name and birth date.

Please write me if you are interested in making yours.


Exchange- 22€

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