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 Soul Paintings

for children and adults

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A Soul painting is an intuitive painting that represents your essence. A paintingI will make specially for you in connection with your energy. 

I will use my style of painting and translate your soul energy into shape, color, symbols and words.

The art piece is created with an intention, you choose:

-the intention of bringing you the inspiration, energy and guidance for the cycle you are living in the present moment.

- to make a painting to support a goal you have, for ex. to achieve more abundance, joy, focus or other

- to connect deeper with the purpose and energy you bring to live and share upon the Earth.

All paintings include a message with what I feel while painting your soul portrait.

It can be made for children and adults.

See some pictures below, to get a better idea of what you are going to receive.


If you are interested in order your soul painting, please choose your size below and contact me sending: 

- a picture of you, your birth date and full name (or from the person you wish to order to*)  

* if you order for other person please make sure you have the consent of this person first.

What are you going to receive?

- An original watercolor painting painted on watercolor paper (a special one with your soul portrait) on the size you choose :)

- A soul message





















Soul painting 

Small - A5 / 6x8"

Shipping included



Soul Painting

Medium A4 8x10"

Shipping included



Soul painting

Big -A3 11x16"

Shipping included


Important notes:

- dear customer I will create an art piece just for you based on my personal style, so I will not make a reproduction of your photographs, but I will make an artistic interpretation, a soul portrait based on my intuitive feelings and my perception of your energy specially for you.

- Depending on my current schedule, it can take up to 2-4 weeks after you buy the listing for me to complete the piece and send it to you.

*soul paintings can be repeated  after 1 year, since they portrait your essence but also the life phase you are in.


May I spread some magic and inspiration into your life!

"Your lovely package arrived yeterday. Thank you so much! I feel so much energy from the painting - I have already framed it. Just fantastic an all levels" LauraS. Ireland

"I never had experienced before the sensation of looking into a painting and feel it belongs to me and I belong to it. Recognizing myself in color, shapes and symbols was absolutely magical. First I felt a wave of energy that moves from my feet to my head and then some tears of gratitude... for reminding me of who I really am. So grateful Susana, for your wonderful work." Rita T.- Portugal

"Sometimes Angels bring us special gifts, for the hands of wonderful persons, that leave us thinking if those persons aren´t Angels as well. One of those special persons is Susana Tavares, that sent me my Soul painting, made with heart and soul from her magical hands.

An explosion of joy and love when I see me through her eyes.

I loved every detail of it! The vibrant colors,the beautiful message, and the sweet gifts that she send me.

Grateful Susana for you filling my heart with so much love." Marta C.- Portugal 

"This won´t be the last time you hesr from me, I want to gift my friends and family with your divine spirit" Susana F. USA

"I absolutely LOVE it! She´s beautiful! My heart is bursting and i have tears in my eyes" Kelly N

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