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Do you want to know how is the vibration of your home?

do you want o create a safe, nurturing, sacred space for you and your family?

This Sacred Space Pack is a combination of understanding how is the energy of your home and the power of sacred geometry to reclaim your space as Sacred creating a positive environment for your family / business or any space used by persons.


You will receive information, such as - areas in your home that need changes,  what is needed to change, best colors, vibration of your home, what are the best energetic purifiers and any suggestions that will be provided with the help of the Masters and your Guiding Angels.

Includes :

- general energetic vibration of your home and changes you need to implement

- sacred Geometry of the Space 

The Angels Explain:

"the sacred geometry of the home will reclaim the space as sacred. The Geometry will positively influence and raise the energy of the space, creating a sacred environment that favors the well being, balance and thrive of its residents."

The Sacred Geometry of the Space is a geometric figure designed based in the address and information about the residents of the space.

All work will be made in partnership with the Masters and your personal Guides. We will create a Geometric Grid that will reclaim and consecrate the space as sacred. 

This sacred geometry drawing is to be placed in your home entry, working as a portal for the energies of the Creator, bringing protection, balance, positive energies, healing and flow.  

Exchange - 69€

If you want to receive all the information by email

Exchange - 79€+9 shipping

If you want to receive also the Sacred geometry Print in your Home A4 size

* IMPORTANT NOTE : the sacred geometry once is placed in your home will immediately start to vibrate and emanate it´s higher vibrations to the place, raising its energy however remember that you are the Creator of your own reality so be responsible on how you act and be on your own space.

if you are interested Only in the sacred Geometry of your space

If you are interested in receiving only the Sacred Geometry to amplify and protect the energy of your home space or business.

Receive the Geometry through email and print yourself

exchange 44€


Receive the Sacred Geometry Printed in A4 Size in your home ready to frame


55€ + 9€ shipping

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